Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The First Four

To obey my new sewing rule of four (and only four at all times) sewing projects at a time, here are the first four projects

1) Advance 4780 1940's
- I have done this skirt before so not a big challenge, I intend to make it out of lovely blue fabric I have left over from an awful pencil skirt and then decorate along the bottom with red, white and black ric-rac. I love the suspenders but my attempts before have not worked well and I ended up taking them off the skirt so not going to try this time around.

The pattern was purchased from "Elyse" on Etsy

2) Simplicity 1571 1940s - (My Christmas Dress)
As the title sug gests I want to whip the green option dress up for Christmas, I have some lovely vintage fabric (hopefully enough) which is a cream with lovely red and green pattern. Perfect for Christmas but not so much that I won't be able to wear outside the festive period. The tricky part will be resizing the bust luckily I am only going from 40inches to 43inches.

The pattern was purchased from "Lucy and Ricky's vintage and more" on etsy

3) Simplicity 1061 1940s
I got this pattern as I felt it is the most perfect mid-1940s typical day-dress. I intend to whip this up from some soft red cotton bought for another project who’s muslin test turned out beyond saving. I think this will be the most perfect comfy dress for summer.

The pattern was purchased from "Patternmania" on etsy

4) Advance 4889 1940s
The final of the first four a late 1940s dress (According to the notes on the pattern 1949) which looks perfect for summer light and easy. The only issue is I have to do some resizing bust needs to go up around 6 inches, and waist and hips need around 3 inches. No fabric has been picked out as yet but I swear that I will find something in my stash rather than going to the store.

Another pattern from "Elyse" on Etsy

Right back to the sewing machine
- Claire


  1. Your list is quite impressive! I can't wait to see once they are done. No. 2 is going to be amazing!

  2. You've chosen some great patterns! I'm dying to see the results. My limit is 3 at a time. :)

  3. I wish I could l;imit to three at a time I think is going to be very hard to stick to 4.

  4. Such cute patterns, cant wait to see the finished pieces. Good luck with your new projects.


  5. I am so jealous, I really want to sew. These are lovely projects! I bet they will look so lovely when finished. Good luck! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you now :)